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War of All - The Council

2008-02-19 20:26:12 by Zeld

Hey everyone! Just another update for the War of All series. Post questions you have about the story or post comments. Don't worry, I know it sucks, so post what you feel :D Anywhere, here's the first chapter and the second chapter.

War of All - The Council

Dick stared in amazment at the city. It was in fact white, but most of it generated off the huge white light that rest on the very top of the ceiling. Dick suddenly realized that they had to be underground, or at least in a huge building. Leni picked him up and walked through the opening in the wall. Dick felt a sudden calm as they passed through, and felt suddenly at ease. He looked up at Leni. He put his feet on the ground and tore her hand off of him. She whipped around in surprise.
"I'm fine. Just tell me where I am." he said through cracked lips. She narrowed her eyes and said, "I can't tell you. Right now we need to take you to The Council to decide what to do with you." "The Council?" Dick asked, confused. Leni nodded and pointed at a strange box that he hadn't noticed to his right. "Get in there", she said. Dick didn't argue, and seated him in the box. It seemed to be metallic, and had a brownish color to it. There was a little red button and an intercom. There were also two seats in it, one in front and one in back.
"Get in the back one." Dick did as she obligied. These White Rebels were dangerous. They were also cruel, and were known for their trickey. Espically in the Great Battle, the one that had decided the fate of whether the Queen of the White, Queen Doia would fall to the Great Black King, Emperor Tak. The cursed White army had summoned a terrible beast that was now often spoken of on Halloween to scare the little ones. But the Black army had continued to fight, and were able to kill the beast and defeated the White army. Thank God for that, thought Dick, otherwise the tyranny of Queen Doia would have reigned everywhere.
Leni got in the front seat, and pressed the red button. She said to the intercom, "The Council, and make it fast Barry". Suddenly, the top of the box slid over them and they were covered with darkness. Dick heard some static and then a young voice reply "All right, they are expecting you". Suddenly, white glowed all around in him. He put his hands over his eyes, as a terrible spinning overtook him. After a few second of this horror, it stopped. He opened his eyes and looked around. They seemed to be in a circular room, that had impossible tall chairs in it, each one higher then the next with people with glowing heads of light in them. Leni got out and pulled him out. Dick looked around at the things in the high chairs. There were eight of them, and each stared at him.
The one in the tallest chair spoke. "Dick Matthews. You were brought here for a reason. Do you know what it is?" Dick was suddenly scared. "N-No." "One of our great members told us about you. You are the ancestor of Blaio. So you must fortake his role in the White Resistance." said the person. "Blaio? Who is he? Why did you take me?" Dick had a scared thought that he forced out loud. "Are you going to tortue me?" The being stared at him. "No. While we are in a war, we only resort to methods of the Black army when we have too. We will not become the evil that we are fighting?" "Evil? But your the evil ones!" protested Dick, shocked by what these evil being had said. The figure then spoke to Leni. "Show him. But be quick about it, for time is short." Leni nodded and started to pull him back into the box. Dick remembered how it was, and tried to get out. Leni held him down and bent down to whisper in his ear. "While they are against tortue, I have nothing against hurting a follower of the hated Black army." Dick's face went white and he got inside the box without protest. She once again hit the red button and said, "Take him to the Projector. It's time he learned the truth." Dick was confused by this, but made no comment. Again, the intercom replied. "Roger." Again, everything turned into amazing light and spinned wickedly. Dick covered his eyes like last time, but was surprised to find it wasn't so bad. Maybe I just get used to it fast, thought Dick.
When they got of the box again, they faced a small room that had with seemed to be a giant sphere with a door that led nowhere on it. There was a computer to the left, and a young black man occupied it.
"You know what to do Barry", said Leni, and she strode to the door and waited. "Yeah, yeah, coming right up." replied Barry, and suddenly the door had a blue sky background, with a plantess and desert ground. "Time to go", she said, and montioned in the door. I was hesitate at first, then decided to walk forward. I stepped through the door, and seemed to be floating. Leni appearred next to me and the door dissappeared. "This is a simulation", said Leni, "It's to show you what really happened in the Great Battle. Something that the Black empire didn't want you, or anyone else for that matter, to see."
Dick saw two armies facing each other, one white, one black. He saw the White army charge across the desert, screaming war cries. He saw the commandar see something and stop in his tracks. He saw the monster, the terrible, terrible being appear before the White army as the illusion of the Black army dissappeard. He saw the final words of the commandar. "All is lost. All is lost." He saw the monster eat the head of the commandar, then turn its gaze to the rest of the army. Dick suddenly felt sick. He didn't want to see all the soliders, some were young boys, get eaten by that... that... thing. Suddenly, they zoomed in to a man cloaked in black. Dick saw the face under the hood, heard the words that the face spoke, and was shocked.
Suddenly, he was thrown back in the white room. He looked at Leni, and at Barry, who was staring at them both curiously. "That, that man. In the black", choked Dick, overwhelmed by what he saw. "He's... he's..." Leni nodded and replied "The current Emperor's top advisor."


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2008-02-19 21:43:55

cool stories write more

Zeld responds:

Thanks. I'm going to submit the next chapter NAO.


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She starts crying at the end.